The Phoenix

In the late 12th century France in the small village of Vezelay, young Marcella de Bourde's life is changed when her mother leaves her. With only her mother's last words of "Be brave and good to people," Marcella's whole life is plunged into a torrent of death, fear, loss, love, courage, and unexpected friendship and loyalty. And like the phoenix in her father's beloved story, Marcella is reborn from the ashes of her trials and rises above all the adversity in her life. 

Chapter One - Marcella's mother leaves

Chapter Two - Father gives his children some unexpected news

Chapter Three - Marcella meets her new family.

Chapter Four - Marcella tries to move on

Chapter Five - The 3rd Crusades begin and Marcella gives them a recruit

Chapter Six - Marcella meets a kind and handsome Crusader and surprises him with her own courage and generosity. (plus my cast list)

Chapter Seven - Lord Lucien returns home, but war leaves terrible scars.

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